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2 years ago

7 Cow - Free Sex Tubes

Hello, I've been an avid reader SH for many years and finally got the courage to write. Ana ( not her real name ), my beautiful size 12 36C wife and I were married 11 years ago and have had our ups and downs, but unfortunately the sex Driever had when we met and fallen drastically, I fantasize about seeing the other guys shit and take the girls. Originally conceived as an idea to get you into hell again, but increasingly I find myself getting incredibly at the thought of seeing and join in. excited this is my advice first fantasy of someone, how to participate through dogging or others are so welcome. I have addressed the 7cow issue and says he is totally against her, but she really enjoy to do when shit...... chose 7cow a local pub / dance club to go to a few dances. I go to the bathroom and let the dance floor on a table. I slowly and see, I realize a couple of colored boys of 25 and 55, were on the floor. alsotually to go and sit next to him, smile, and sit, one on each side. After a few minutes I 'm going to the table and she sits, she had been in the direction of the younger boy laying. She introduced me to Leroy and his father George and told to 7cow go to multinational corporations and a few drinks. When you return, I sit through and watch the guys in the chat, which are high, they have both an arm around her and one hand on each leg, I can say that Ann has worked hard and you find you have your skirt increased knee. Leroy leans over and whispers in his ear, and Ann is laughter, she looks at me and says he'll dance. I watch as the floor spin and go, Leroy pulled her and pushed her hips to her. leans his head back and looks at me and smiles like Leroy handles and pushes her ass. He rubs his hands over his body and over his crotch. He looks at me and laughs. George then gets up and moves behind Ann, who closely squuzesand pushes the bar on her buttocks, which are a source of inspiration. After 10 minutes all at the table and ordered me to return to Ann get more drinks. I hurry as fast as possible and I am very hot. When I get two boys into her arms around his hands, both Ann and her skirt is high, and fires the top half. Ann looks at me, while the two guys are obviously playing with her ​​pussy and tells me to go and the car when the kids come home with us. When I get up, Ann sees in front of my pants, can my state of excitement, murmurs and Leroy George and both look forward to see and laugh. to bring the car 7cow to the relationship between Ann fromnt and boys kiss again, they are all in the back with Ann to get in the middle. The boys make no attempt to hide their goal now, and immediately raise Ann 's skirt and pull up, quickly followed by the bra and squueze and a bit of a sleeve of each. Anne is back and I see now, has removedTanga guys give full access to freshly shaved pussy. I see two hands the boys rubbed his lips and watch your light shine juices. The smell of sex in the air and depends on squeching sounds that show is very cool. I'm home now, I have to her screams being fucked 7cow by a real cock. I see you have a cock in each hand, and both appear dark and imposing, larger than my 8 inches. is If we got home I opened the door and Ann of the boys pulled it now only takes her heels, stockings and garters, please let us know his wife fucking have fun, and inside, says George I think desperately after a cock, what do you think Steve. I look down and nod approvingly. When this night 7cow is over, said George, she's our white bitch, and we will fuck 7cow whenever we want. Ann tells me to get more drinks. anne when resting on the floor in front of George Leroy and knees are back in their pants. The contrast 7cow of their adjustment black antibodies against the target of her shorts and her skin shows its power. Ann licks the hand of the arches in the front of hi
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